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Sunday 21st November, 11am-12:30pm

Pūoro Tū Festival: Outdoor performance @ Brooklyn Bunkers

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Pyramid Club is proud to present Pūoro Tū, a festival of adventures in Māori instruments and sound. Bringing together many of Aotearoa's leading and emerging voices in taonga pūoro (traditional Māori musical instruments), the festival is a celebration of this tradition and a forum to forge new pathways with ancient knowledge and taonga.

Because of Covid restrictions, many events will be taking place offsite from Pyramid Club. If we need to adapt the programme due to changing Covid alert levels, these will be posted through Pyramid Club's facebook page and here.

Turanga-rere / Brooklyn Army Bunkers, Hawkins Hill Road, Brooklyn

Join us for a special, site-specific performance at the impressive Brooklyn Bunkers, overlooking Te Whanganui-a-Tara. Built in 1942, the concrete gun emplacements near the Brooklyn wind turbine are sonically and culturally resonant spaces. Taonga pūoro players will occupy the concrete fortifications. The audience are invited to explore the bunkers and the sounds being produced within. The bunkers have striking reverberation, providing unique spaces for the acoustic performance of taonga pūoro. The site is situated along a popular walking track, accessible on foot from the nearest reserve entrance, along public bus routes.

Weather permitting, at midday a delegation will walk between the bunkers and Te Kopahou Visitor Centre, in time for the 4pm poroporoaki. Moderate fitness, food and water required.


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Many thanks to Creative NZ, Ministry of Culture and Heritage, and Wellington City Council for supporting Pūoro Tū.


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Pūoro Tū: a cartoon of a musician holding a kōauau
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