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Thursday 24th June, 8-10:30pm

Noa Records Residency Night 2: WhyFi. + collaborations

$12 presales, $15 on the door.

3 night residency

Night 2 - WhyFi. + Noa Records collaborations with...
Ruby Solly/Alistair Fraser
& Oghum (Nell Thomas/Jonny Marks)

Tickets available at Under the Radar


Spanning Samoan post-punk to psychedelic improvised music, Noa Records is a creative vessel and emerging collective voice expressed as a record label, media archive and creative whānau.

WhyFi. is the sonic monicker of Larsen Winiata Tito-Taylor (of Ngā Puhi/Ngāti Whātua/Tainui descent) - a multi-disciplinary human-being/artist and initial channeller of Noa Records from Tangiteroria, currently residing in Tāmaki Makaurau.

WhyFi. serves as a dark canvas for the subconscious/unconscious workings of the artists’ awareness, conjuring from the hidden corners of the mind, scribbling prophecies from the shadows of the imagination. Most WhyFi. works are harvested via a 'stream of consciousness' approach, with many songs being recorded in the first take with no clear/defined idea of what is going to surface.

In essence, WhyFi. works are intended to draw out the venom/toxicity kept within when resisting our shadow and transforming these energies into personal rongoa, presenting thoughts/inhibitions kept hostage within ourselves with rawness for consideration/self-reflection; this is a creative entity that is primarily concerned with meeting the weirdness found in the shadow of the self with love and presenting it to the world in all its honest truth.



Noa collective's Larsen Tito-Taylor, Navakatoa Tekela-Pule and David Feauai-Afaese with:

... taonga pūoro players Ruby Solly and Alistair Fraser

... theremin/synth duo Nell Thomas and Jonny Marks, aka Oghum.


Ruby Solly is a Kai Tahu musician, taonga pūoro practitioner, music therapist and writer living in Wellington. She has played with artists such as Yo-Yo Ma, Whirimako Black, Trinity Roots, and The New Zealand String Quartet as both a cellist, and a player of traditional Māori instruments (ngā taonga pūoro).


Alistair Fraser is a widely respected player, composer, and researcher of ngā taonga pūoro. Alistair was a CNZ/DoC Wild Creations Artist in Residence 2011 on Rakiura/Stewart Island where he spent six weeks researching southern style taoka pūoro.


Oghum is the insterstellar duo of Nell Thomas and Jonny Marks. Jonny Marks is a vocalist/electronic performer and composer, well known to NZ audiences through his work with All Seeing Hand, solo performances and collaborations.

Nell Thomas is a multi-instrumentalist playing flute, synths, drums, theremin, harp and voice. She performs in many bands including Orchestra of Spheres, Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs, Micro Soft Voices. She has composed works for dance, film and theatre.

Established in 2019, Noa Records is an unfolding journey of ancestral discovery for its vessel of vā weavers, spanning various disciplines of thought and creation, looking to cross-pollinate between the wisdom of our tupuna and the effervescent manifestations of our present, binding to inform an inspired future through the creative spirit.

Over their 3 night residency at Pyramid Club, the collective’s Larsen Tito-Taylor (WhyFi.), Navakatoa Tekela-Pule (Strangelove) and David Feauai-Afaese (Leao) will present various Noa acts and collaborate with Te Whanganui-a-Tara musicians including Ruby Solly, Alistair Fraser, Riki Gooch, Nell Thomas, Jonny Marks, Cory Champion and Daniel Beban.

Night 1 - Weds 23/6 - P-Lab: Noa Records wānanga/talanoa

Night 2 - Thurs 24/6 - WhyFi + collaborations with taongo pūoro players Ruby Solly/Alistair Fraser and synth duo Oghum (Nell Thomas/Jonny Marks.

Night 3 - Sat 26/6 - Leao, Strangelove + collaboration with Riki Gooch (drums) Cory Champion (vibes/electronics) and Daniel Beban (guitar/electronics).


Many thanks to Creative NZ for supporting Pyramid Club's programme.

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Upcoming Events
To open their residency Noa Records will be hosting a wānanga/talanoa
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Staying creative, collaborative and congenial in the arts over many decades.
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The trio perform original renditions of renaissance motets by Orlando di Lasso (1530/32-1594) and medieval chant by Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
Campbell would like to invite anybody who wants to participate to join him in performing a large ensemble 'drone' piece. Or come and listen.
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"Kia Ora! You are invited to join me at the Collaboration Table. I will tell a few stories, we will drink mulled wine, we will break bread. We will dance." -Kedron Parker
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