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mr sterile et al is an audio clearing-house from skirted Records, a convenient title capturing different musical approaches under one moniker. Before-he-was-named-mr sterile's musical entrance started in the 80's via punk rock of the most southern variety, located deep in the bowels of Southland. Though geographically isolated, he had remarkable access to, and gravitated towards, raucous noise; from politically charged and D.I.Y punk rock, the nihilism of New York No-Wave, to the ear-bending found-sound approaches of pre-digital Industrial music. Moving to Wellington in the 90's presented ear-entering exposure and collaboration with unruly noise, free-form jazz and rhythmless soundscapes. The sonic journey remains ongoing.

Necessity dictates that 30 plus years of uneconomic musical exploration requires income from other means. The day job is as a nurse in primary health care.

skirted Records: home of mr sterile Assembly, DSLB, Squidboat etc


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