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Saturday 10th June, 8-10pm

Pumice with Oonaverse / Mr Sterile


Pyramid Club is pleased to present Tāmaki Makaurau-based all rounder Stefan Neville across two nights in collaboration with other acts


with Oonaverse / Mr Sterile

Pumice is the long-running, endlessly inventive project of Stefan Neville, whose shambolic music is equally reminiscent of Kiwi pop groups such as the Clean and Tall Dwarfs as well as the country's experimental noise-rock bands like the Dead C. Largely recorded solo by Neville on junky equipment, his songs typically feature blown-out guitars, wheezing chord organs, and vocals disguised by tape hiss and static. His songs might seem haphazard to the untrained ear, but they reveal a deep reverence for pop and even blues songwriting on repeated listens. Neville began recording music as Pumice in the early '90s, issuing limited cassettes, vinyl releases, and eventually CD-Rs on his own Stabbies and the Rocket Recordings lables. Pumice signed to Minneapolis-based Soft Abuse in the mid 2000s, which released the bulk of his subsequent output. 

Pumice is currently a trio Stefan Neville of (guitar / drums / banjolele / vocals), Jade Farley (violin / keys / guitar / vocals) and Rosy Parlane (bass).

Oonaverse (aka Bec Coogan) teams up with Mr Sterile (aka Kieran Monaghan) for the opening act. Expect an eclectic assortment of drums, guitars and electronics is various states of disarray. 

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Special thanks to Creative New Zealand for supporting Pyramid Club's programme

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