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Wednesday 16th June, 7-9pm

P-LAB: Rosie Langabeer - sound games and collective performance ideas

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Multi instrumentalist Rosie Langabeer works experimentally and improvisationally with idiomatic music. Inspired by nature and drawn toward curious, impractical goals that might just be achieved with the help of friends and strangers, Langabeer regularly finds herself in the midst of collaborative work.

She has a long history with creating music for theatre, ballet and experimental ensembles both in New Zealand and in Philadelphia. Her regular experimental interactive big band event, The Best Most Happiest Fun Sexy Cabaret of Good Fortune and Prosperity, is happening every month at Meow.

This session is planned to be a kōrero, a scheming session and a jam. Langabeer will be testing out sound games/participatory performance ideas, and talking about the connective possibilities and practical applications of experimental arts. She would love people to discuss their own experiences with interactive music/art projects - the good the bad and the ugly - and collectively brainstorm methods for future events.


P-LAB is a series of artist-run talks and workshops at Pyramid Club, Wednesday nights 7-9pm. Coming up in the series:

16 June - Rosie Langabeer
23 June - Noa Records
30 June - Plan 9
7 July - Campbell Kneale
14 July - Kedron Parker
21 July - Raewyn Martyn

Many thanks to Creative NZ for funding towards Pyramid Club's programme.

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Rosie Langabeer performing outdoors in half a brick shed
Upcoming Events
To open their residency Noa Records will be hosting a wānanga/talanoa
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Staying creative, collaborative and congenial in the arts over many decades.
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The trio perform original renditions of renaissance motets by Orlando di Lasso (1530/32-1594) and medieval chant by Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
Campbell would like to invite anybody who wants to participate to join him in performing a large ensemble 'drone' piece. Or come and listen.
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