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Saturday 15th May, 8-10:30pm

Gerard Crewdson with Bridget Kelly, Anthony Donaldson and Isaac Smith


"Mr Deeds goes to town" - Gerard Crewdson's new handmade cinema work ... plus improvisations with Crewdson, Bridget Kelly, Isaac Smith and Anthony Donaldson.

Mr Deeds goes to town:
In Jan 1986 just prior to leaving New Zealand to live in Australia, Gerard Crewdson composed and recorded a 14 minute multi track work for Bb and Eb tubas in collaboration with Stuart Porter (Braille Collective/Primitive Art Group). The one and only copy of the cassette tape miraculously survived over 35 years of vast upheavals before being recently digitised by Dan Beban. Gerard has created a moving scroll handmade cinema work to accompany the recording for its belated public premiere.

Plus Gerard Crewdson in a set of improvisations with Anthony Donaldson (drums), Bridget Kelly (reeds) and Isaac Smith (double bass/electronics).

Check out more of Gerard's events and works here.

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