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Saturday 30th October, 8-10:30pm

Tesla Coil live! Zackariah the Explorer & Isaac vs Drum Machine

$12 presales, $15 on the door.

Harnessing the power of the tesla coil, Zackariah the Explorer (aka Tyrone Mackintosh - composer, producer, performer and sonic arts graduate) gives a live performance mixing avant-garde theatre, electronic dance, light, brass instruments, and traditional vocals/singing, promoting their soon to be released album "The Burning Rage Within".

Isaac vs Drum Machine
The solo electronics project of the multi-talented Isaac Smith... bringing in elements of modular synths and electro beats

Presales available at Under the Radar.

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a photo of a tesla coil producing large sparking lines
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The opening of a solo exhibition by Sam Clague, featuring a live performance blending music and video.

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