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Snails Artist Run Space has been operating as a collective of artists using a common space since December 2014.  Snails houses 11 studio artists, holds all ages gigs, art exhibitions, performances, openings and workshops as well housing Tiny Club, Palmys smallest dancefloor.  Snails is run by a voluntary board and partially funded by the Palmerston North City Council.

The Snails Kaupapa is:
-To create a space that maximizes opportunities for those working in the arts community in Palmerston North
-To ensure there is an inclusive, safe space where the arts are visible in our community and where local people can be exposed to the possibilities of art.
-To provide a space for touring artists and musicians who might not consider Palmerston North as a viable audience putting Palmerston North back on the cultural map.
-To provide an amenity that exists outside of the restrictions of finances, where cultural capital is valued as a worthy commodity for our community.

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