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Nathan Taare
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Nathan Taare's live performances as ENT are cathartic rides into deep, hypnotic, repetitive visions. Improvised electronics and various synthesisers provide glistening digital drones to robotic-detuned vocal hymns. Growing up in the Hutt Valley, Nathan enjoys exploring themes of suburbanism, industrial wastelands, nostalgia, and belonging.

Nathan started tinkering with music in 2001 with a fascination for loud rhythmic noise, percussion and drums. During a winter in Berlin, where he lived for three years, ENT was born as Nathan produced songs and albums on a laptop simply using Adobe Audition. While there, busking on the cold streets became a way to make money, using an MPC, an acoustic bass guitar, a powered speaker, and a voice that grew in confidence every session.

Once Nathan returned to New Zealand ENT really got off the ground while living in Upper Hutt; the backdrop of the suburbs became the perfect film for his sounds.

Nathan is also a sculptor, scent maker, and event organiser extraodinaire.

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