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Friday 9th June, 8-10pm

Stefan Neville / Greg Malcolm Duo With Rosy Parlane


Pyramid Club is pleased to present Tāmaki Makaurau-based all rounder Stefan Neville across two nights in collaboration with other acts

Stefan Neville / Greg Malcolm duo with Rosy Parlane

Tāmaki Makaurau all rounder Stefan Neville (Pumice, Coolies etc) teams up with Ōtautahi experimental guitarist Greg Malcolm. Stefan Neville records under his own name, as Pumice (or a variety of other soubriquets), runs the Stabbies label, drums for the Coolies and others. Greg Malcolm is one of New Zealand's premier avant garde string-benders. He plays oddly crafted guitar-like instruments of all manners and has released lots of great solo recordings, with his band Surfin’ USSR, a duo record with Eugene Chadbourne and other releases including a 2017 duo with Stefan Neville titled ’Nuance'. In their duo Greg plays strings, tambourine, voice and ‘things' while Stefan counters with drums, reed organ, tapes, throat, and synth. 

Electronic musician Rosy Parlane returns after a long hiatus. Parlane co-founded the avant-garde rock trio Thela in Auckland in 1992. After Thela disbanded Parlane burnt his guitar, moved to Melbourne, and began working on solo material as well as the duo Parmentier with fellow Thela ex-member Dion Workman. In 1998, Parlane and Workman founded the Sigma Editions record label which released music by themselves, David Haines, and Vladislav Delay. Parlane moved to London in 2000 and formed the ensemble Sakada with Mattin and Eddie Prévost. Parlane has also played in the bands Empirical, Parmentier, Pit Viper, Plains, Rosenberg, Sakada, Codhaven and Amazing Broccoli. His solo music has been called "abstract, electronic-based music", "soundscapes of beauty and destruction" and "avant-techno”.

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Special thanks to Creative New Zealand for supporting Pyramid Club's programme

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Black and white photo of Greg Malcolm hunched over his guitar and pedals and a blurry Stefan Neville looming over his drumset
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