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Saturday 2nd October, 8-11pm

Sonya Waters, Ludus, Benny Salvador, T J McInstosh

$15 presales, $20 on the door

Ambient night featuring

Sonya Waters
Benny Salvador
T J McIntosh

.... with staging and atmos by John Heighes.

Presales at Under the Radar.

Sonya Waters
Sonya Waters is celebrating the release of her 2021 ambient project The Sheltering Ranges on LA label Cudighi Records. An entirely solo work inspired by the capital’s fierce weather, the album is a set of ambient pieces combining loops, synths, pianos, phonetic poetry, and wind turbine field recordings.

A pioneering female voice in New Zealand music, Sonya Waters has performed at Sweetwaters and Glastonbury festivals, been part of London’s squat rock and San Francisco’s alt-rock scenes, recorded for Ripper Records and Flying Nun, and fronted a series of constantly innovative bands including 80s punk outfit The Instigators, indie bands Orange, Fang and White Swan Black Swan, through to Krautrock with avoid!avoid.

“Sonya Waters translates her wind turbine iced, New Zealand valley vista into a swirling, lava lamp hued, New Agetronic, fluffy cloud of an LP ... where worries condense into life giving droplets & refresh Covid parched landscapes.” - Slow Music Movement


Ludus is the ever evolving sound project of Whanganui based Emma Bernard, producing a wide spectrum of electronic music from dreamy ambient works to smooth dance tracks. Over the last few years Ludus has played all across New Zealand performing both live and DJ sets, playing festivals and opening for legendary acts such as Kevin Saunderson and Pitch Black


Benny Salvador
Benny Salvador is a Wellington-based DJ producer & founder of Aunty records. Benny's musically diverse sets are carefully curated for the night & the room, driven by his innate curiosity and a childhood surrounded by music.

Benny has pushed his sound, and exhilarated dance floors around New Zealand, radio shows on Radioactive.fm and his club night Friends with Benefits hosting international acts such as Courtesy (DK) and Gramrcy (UK). Benny’s first vinyl release ‘3 Suns’ was on New Zealand label Racquet Club in late 2019 followed by "Wat Shu" on Aunty Records in April 2020.


T J McIntosh
Slow Spin - The Imperceptible Emergence and Burial of Dreams by T J McIntosh

Created from a few frames of film, a flowing forgotten fragment of time from an unknown young woman's life in the 1950s. A time of enthusiasm for the future, a future we now live. A projection from the past to who and where we are, or perhaps are not. Accompanied by a gradually transforming soundtrack unfolding from the interference pattern of two frequencies.

T J McIntosh bounces between artistic, musical and commercial design projects around the world. He's drawn to working with ideas that cross the boundaries between the external and internal experience of life, linking the mythic and mundane, the conscious and unconscious, the real to the surreal.

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