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Saturday 18th September, 8-10:30pm

Riki Gooch / Daniel Beban + Kolya

$10 presales

Riki Gooch - drums / electronics
Daniel Beban - guitar / tapes

Improvised concert by long-time Orchestra of Spheres bandmates.

Riki Gooch began his career as a founding member of seminal band Trinity Roots. He has since lent his drumming and production talents to legendary New Zealand artists claiming his position as one of New Zealand’s finest and in demand musicians. These artists include Jonathan Crayford, Bic Runga, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Ladi6, Recloose, Crowded House and Electric Wire Hustle. Riki is also the brains behind the massive Eru Dangerspiel Ensemble and a solo artist under the moniker Cave Circles.

Daniel Beban performs on a number of different instruments in groups including Orchestra of Spheres, Sign of the Hag, Sunburst Finish, Micro Soft Voices, UMU and others. He builds sound sculptures and invented instruments out of found objects and recycled materials. Through his work as a radio sound engineer, Daniel has experimented at length with reel-to-reel tape machines. The tape machine has formed the basis of much of his electronic work, especially with Imbogodom (duo with Alexander Tucker)

Kolya: Ōtepoti electronica. https://soundcloud.com/k0ly4


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a blurred photo of Riki and Dan in the studio
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