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Ticket + 1xLP = $40 | Ticket + both LPs = $75 | Presale ticket only = $17.50

Pyramid Club is super excited to announce the launch of our new record label, Pyramid Club Records

Pyramid Club Records is a platform for releasing sonic explorations from Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa. The label is part of Pyramid Club, a long-standing artist-run space fully dedicated to experimental music and creative sound making. Each LP on the label is recorded at Pyramid Club and released in a limited edition of 100 featuring the hand-printed and hand-painted artwork of local artists. 

We're launching Pyramid Club Records with two, limited edition LPs: The Perms' 'Permanent Waves' and Jonny Marks' solo album 'Long Resonance of Welcome'. As a special one-off offer for the launch gig you can get a ticket to the gig and buy either album for a total of only $40. Or buy a ticket and both albums for only $75. Cut out the middle man and get em here, now! After the launch both albums will be available to order through our new shop page on our website..


The Perms - 'Permanent Waves' (PCR001)

Anita Clark (violin)
Daniel Beban (guitar) 
Taipua Adams (bass)
Justin Barr (drums)

The Perms first got together in May 2019. From the very first moments of plugging in and setting sail with their first notes amongst buzzing amps, it was clear to all involved that they shared a strange connection. In fact, so immediate was the connection of the musicians that those very first notes form part of this LP. No preparation, no overdubs, no studio trickery, this is pure collective music making at its ecstatic, improvised best. The soaring violin tones, bell-like guitar notes, and undulating drums and bass grooves ebb and flow like the ocean, at times calm, at others as ferocious as a full-on southerly gale. 

For those who love the crystalline violin playing of Anita Clark (Motte, Phoenix Foundation, Don McGlashan et al), this is an opportunity to hear her in full, unimpeded melodic bliss. Fuzzed out through an old NZ-made Fountain amp, Anita's blistering violin glides like an albatross, seemingly able to soar above the churning ocean of sound forever. The chiming guitar playing of Daniel Beban (Orchestra of Spheres, Farewell Spit, Devils Gate Outfit) pushes and pulls the music like a depth sounder probing new realms, while bassist Taipua Adams (Terror of the Deep, Sheitgeist) and drummer Justin Barr (The Raskonikovs, Golden Awesome, Eb & Sparrow) are like the slow moving, churning swell of the southern seas.

The cover is an original, hand-made artwork by Daniel Beban, of found object relief printing. 

Edition of 100. 

The Perms 'Permanent Wave' vinyl cover and record - black and white hand-made artwork by Daniel Beban


Jonny Marks - 'Slow Resonance of Welcome' (PCR002)

Vocalist and electronic musician Jonny Marks has been a key figure in the creative music scene in Wellington since the early 2000s. The charismatic front man of All Seeing Hand, Flower Orphans, and The Mean Bones has been performing spellbinding solo gigs of late, and this LP release is his debut solo album, recorded live at Pyramid Club in February 2021. It is an exploration of the slow resonances of FM synthesis, the Synthi AKS, and the human voice.

In 2007 Jonny Marks moved to Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang for two years, exploring the wilds of north-western China while studying khoomei, traditional Mongolian throat singing. Since that time his vocal work has often incorporated overtone singing, albeit in a form far removed from the Mongolian steppes. Modulating his vocal chords like a synthesizer, Jonny moves between sub-bass drones to ring modulated whistle tones with his voice alone. For this live LP recording, Jonny integrated his voice with his suitcase Synthi AKS and Korg FM synth. The whole is a four-part epic, an unsettlingly gorgeous unfolding of frequencies and noise.

The cover is an original, hand-made artwork by Nell Thomas, of spray painted stencils. 

Edition of 100.

Jonny Marks Slow Resonance of Welcome LP cover and record - hand-made artwork by Nell Thomas, of spray painted stencils. 

Tickets + bundle deals available via Under the Radar


Ticket to the gig + 1x LP = $40 

Ticket to the gig + both LPs = $75

Presale ticket only = $17


Special thanks to Creative New Zealand for supporting Pyramid Club's programme


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