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Saturday 16th July, 6pm

Peter Liley and Jack Woodbury 'Unfathomed' album release


Saxophonist Peter Liley and sound artist Jack Woodbury celebrate the release of their new experimental-ambient album Unfathomed Waters. The album draws inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft’s aquatic horror story The Temple, reverently portraying the horror and wonder of vast unexplored ocean depths. The event will include a full album listening.

Peter Liley is a composer and performer based in Wellington. He is best known for his experimental approach to saxophone performance and vast, meditative yet visceral compositions.

Jack Woodbury is a Wellington-based composer and audio engineer. His compositional work focuses on juxtaposing noise and glitch textures against ambient materials. His work has been presented in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.


Live stream the gig at our twitch channel

Many thanks to Creative NZ for their support of Pyramid Club's Programme 

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