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Thursday 20th October, 7-8:30pm

Particle Explosion

$15 presales

As part of the 2022 Wellington Jazz Festival,
Zipping here and Zapping there in a Sonic Exploration of the Sound Particles that inhabit the recesses of the collective mind Particle Explosion then meld these forays into an entity that may combust at any moment. As a recent Hashigo Crowd can attest to, their energy is irrepressible, filled with modified saxual cries, screaming guitar, and evolving PercussaBass Grooves.

Blair Latham - Manipulated Sax
Tyson Smith - Electrified Guitar and Voice
Johnny Lawrence - Extra Bass
Peter Elliot - Drums Galore

Presale tickets available through Under the Radar
Live streamed here>>>

Special thanks to Creative NZ for supporting Pyramid Club's programme

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a pencil drawing of an open hand holding sparks and sparkles of red and yellow
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