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Friday 8th October, 8-10:30pm

PARKS Residency - Night 2

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Pyramid Club is proud to host Parks for 2 nights of musical integrations and collaborations.
For his 2-night Pyramid Club performance residency Parks will be collaborating with a variety of Pōneke musicians.

Night 2 - Parks collaborations with Toby Laing/Anthony Donaldson; Bridget Kelly/Isaac Smith and Daniel Beban

Parks (Brent Park-Tamati) stands as one of Aotearoa’s most renowned and respected producers, most notably as a founding member and Executive Producer of Ladi6. As an musician Parks with with modular synths and other electronics in improvised settings, working regularly with Julien Dyne, Riki Gooch and others.

Born and bred in Christchurch, Parks immersed himself in a melting pot of genres from rock and Hip-hop, to Soul, Jazz and Reggae. Here he joined the influential soul band Pacific Underground. In 2001, Parks was part of the formation of Verse Two - a hip-hop/soul live band with a number of members including Ladi6, Julien Dyne, Matapi Turua, Mark Vanilau and Scribe. This was the door to production that set Park’s up for a future exploring new sounds.

Teaching himself to record and produce by necessity, over time and through experimentationhis signature sound began to evolve that would become inherent to that of Ladi6. This long-standing partnership has produced multiple albums and won several awards including Best Urban/Hip Hop Album at the Aotearoa Music Awards. In 2019, Parks launched Honzoh, a collective with close friend and collaborator Brandon Haru. As Honzoh, they create instrumental collages of electronic music compositions and soundscapes, that reference the early electronic pioneers as well as modern rap music.


Toby Laing is a well renowned Wellington Trumpeter, composer & singer. A vital force in groups such as Fat Freddys Drop, Black seeds and Lord Echo.

Anthony Donaldson is rhythmical hero from the alternative and avant-garde music scene known for his interactive, sensitive and melorhythmic approach. He is acknowledged as one of New Zealand’s finest drummers and his influence is widespread.


Bridget Kelly is an essential part of Wellington's creative music scene working with a huge array of groups including The Troubles, Dreamsville, The Mean Bones and many other outfits. Bridget has a unique creative voice on reeds, moving from lyrical melodies to uneartly growls. She's been a constant presence in the Wellington music scene for the past 20 years.

Isaac Smith is a double bass player extraordinaire, and is also very handy on tuba, banjo and many other instruments. An original member of Orchestra of Spheres, Fertility Festival, Warwick and the Wankers and more, Isaac spent a decade in Colombo where he was an integral part of the Sri Lankan contemporary music scene.


Daniel Beban is musician, composer and sound artist, performing on a number of different instruments in groups including Orchestra of Spheres, Imbogodom , Sign of the Hag, Sunburst Finish, Micro Soft Voices, UMU, Little Wet Horse, Secretaries on Standby, The Mantarays and Slakes. He has recorded and released many albums with these groups and others including a recent releases on Fire Records (UK), Thrill Jockey (USA), Entracte (Belgium) and Outside Inside (Italy).

Night 1 - Parks collaboration with Cory Champion/Riki Gooch + Oghum



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Many thanks to Creative NZ for supporting Pyramid Club’s programme

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on the left we see the top half of parks coming from the bottom of the frame, on the right the bottom half coming from the top on the frame.
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Pyramid Club is proud to host Parks for 2 nights of musical integrations and collaborations.

Night 1 in collaboration with Cory Champion/Riki Gooch + Oghum
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