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Thursday 22nd Oct, 7-9pm

P-LAB: Oliver Dixon

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Oliver Dixon is one of NZ's most talented songwriters, penning dozens of memorable classics for his longtime band Terror of the Deep.

We're very happy to host Oly for a P-LAB session. He'll be talking through some of the inspirations and methods of his work.

Oly says "growing up in the burbs of Porirua I learned early that you must make your own fun and excitement because no one else is going to do it for you! Playing and writing music was always a window into another larger world of dreams and nightmares for me…. Capturing a glimpse of that world in bitesize chunks so that I can use them to connect to others has been one of the most rewarding although always challenging constants of my life. I have always played in bands and written music as a creative, social and spiritual outlet as long as I can remember. Terror of the Deep is my current current creative outlet."

P-LAB is a series of artist-run talks and workshops at Pyramid Club. Many thanks to Creative NZ for supporting this series.

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Terror of the Deep
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