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Wednesday 24th November, 7-9pm

P-LAB: Jasmine Lovell-Smith - Composition and Improvisation

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Jasmine Lovell-Smith is a Wellington-based composer and soprano saxophonist whose work explores the intersections of jazz, improvisation and chamber music.

In this workshop, she will talk about her doctoral research into contemporary composition that draws upon multiple musical traditions or genres. She will share some of the recent creative works she composed as part of that research for ensembles including Stroma, the Jac and the Arthur Street Loft Orchestra.

Jasmine was based for a number of years in the United States and Mexico, during which time she released two albums with her New York-based quintet 'Towering Poppies,' graduated from Wesleyan University with a Master of Arts in composition, and taught jazz studies and saxophone at the state university in Morelia, Mexico.

In 2021, Jasmine completed her Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition at the New Zealand School of Music under the supervision of John Psathas and Dave Wilson. Jasmine's work has been supported by the Edwin Carr Foundation Scholarship (2019), the Susan Rhind Award (2017,18,19), and the Lankhuyzen/Whetu-Kairangi Masonic Trust (2019). She has received commissions from the Wellington Jazz Festival, the New Zealand School of Music, and she is a two-time nominee for the APRA Best Jazz Composition award. She currently works as an Artist Teacher at The New Zealand School of Music.

Learn more at her website.

P-LAB is a series of artist-run talks and workshops at Pyramid Club.
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NOTE: this workshop is a koha event with limited places available. If you would like to attend this workshop please email info@soundexplorers.co.nz to register. 

Thanks to Creative NZ for supporting Pyramid Club’s programme


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Jasmine standing in front of an an old upright piano. It is a very doemnstic setting with photos on top of the piano and a pleasingly unitdy bookshelf in the background.
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