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Rāhoroi - (Sat) 14th Oct, 2-3:30pm

P-LAB – Circuit Bending: Arts & Crafts with Wasted Electronics

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//~//Circuit Bending: Arts & Crafts with Wasted Electronics\\~\\
Come explore the hidden worlds inside wasted electronic materials facilitated by Pyramid Club's Zak Argabrite

No prior experience necessary with electronics, music or art making. All materials will be provided (you are also welcome to BYO wasted electronic materials).

Ever wanted to make electronic music but felt like the cost to get started was too high? Don't feel creative in front of a computer? Looking to expand the music/art you already make with unique and interesting sounds? No clue what any of this is about but want to come and meet people anyway? COME ON DOWN!

This P-Lab will include:
~A show n' tell from Zak of simple circuit bending (and other creative) methods, materials and tips to getting started
~resource share of reading and other materials for learning more about how to creatively re-imagine wasted electronic material
~hands-on collective group circuit-bending jam

Other potential group discussion topics:
///the lifecycles of electronics
///understanding electronic materials' relationship with the natural world
///how to find "bendable" circuits
///video circuit bending
///feedback/no-input mixing
///sculpture with wasted electronic materials
///making your own circuits


RSVP necessary to make sure there's enough materials for everyone. 
Limited to 12 spots (if there's interest in this workshop there's potential for additional workshops later on)

To RSVP, email admin@pyramidclub.org.nz

Koha entry!

Special thanks to Creative NZ for supporting Pyramid Club's programme

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A stack of junk CRT screens stands behind a small musical keyboard with it's circuitry pulled out. Alligator clips connect different parts of the circuitry and a piece of scrap copper is also carefully arranged on the circuitry to connect different parts of the circuitry
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