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Friday 25th Sept, 7:15pm

Offsite Project #6: BIG/small

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Through the careful implementation of quizzical knowledge gleaned in dreams, we have discovered a way to create enormity where there was tinyness, a way to make a minute into the size of a skyscraper, and a quark into the length of a year, revealing whole worlds within worlds within worlds within worlds……

On the 25th and 26th of September at 7.30pm, at 41°16'57.1"S 174°46'23.9"E, for the very first time we will fearlessly journey together into these worlds within worlds within worlds within worlds……venturing to find just how enormous a single moment can become!

Meet at 7.15pm at the school sign near the entrance to Tokyo Lane on Clifton Terrace.

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BIG/small is a small extravaganza of monumental proportions for Pyramid Club's Offsite Series. Featuring giant puppets and a marching band, BIG/small will lead you to some of Wellington's dimly lit, secret back corners.

Featuring a kaleidoscope of local artists and musicians including: Erika Grant, Rosie Langabeer, Ruby Solly, Rachel France, Ben Lemi, Bridget Kelly, Kate Telford, Isaac Smith, Bek Coogan, Sharyn Young, Gilli Bird, Hedy May, Zara Anderson, Rachel Dougherty and more, coming together for the first time to create a surreal experience purely for your wonder and amusement.

Pyramid Club's Offsite series presents sonic creations in a range of unique locations.
Many thanks to Creative NZ for supporting this project.

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