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Sunday 6 Sept, 12-1pm

Offsite Project #3: Riki Pirihi - 'Forest Human Forest'

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EDIT: a short article with audio and video can be found here.

Nau mai, haere mai e hoa maa, ka piki ki te tao o Maupuia! Ka whakarongo taatou ki te haumuumuutanga o te tao!
Good friends! Please come and walk the forest track of Maupuia! We will all listen to the silence of the forest together!

Riki Pirihi presents 'Forest Human Forest', a multi-channel recorded work to be diffused amongst the trees of Maupuia. This project is part of Pyramid Club's ongoing Offsite series. Riki was commissioned to make this new work as part of Pyramid Club's Covid19 response project, where artists were asked to imagine a 'Level -4', a new reality.
About this event, Riki says...
"Has humanity lost its interconnectivity with nature? Are we too loud as a species to coexist with our natural world? Life at level 4 became reality for all of us. Imagining life at level -4 seems like a dream on our doorstep, a chance to connect with our natural world, rather than against it."

Come and walk the track from the top of Carter track, (Prison Rd, Maupuia), down into the bush to hear the very quiet music of Ruby Mae Hinepunui Solly (cello) and Al Fraser (Taonga Puuoro), and Riki Pirihi (tape drones) amongst the silent chaos of the forest.

Carter Park
Entrance at the end of Prison Rd, Maupuia
Instructions: walk the Piki ki Maupuia track towards the north. To get there with public transport take bus 24.

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View from Maupuia
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