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[OFFSITE] Motte, Te Kupu / UMU, Jonny Marks

$25 Presale Tickets
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Pyramid Club is pleased to present a special Matariki concert at St Peters Hall, Paekākāriki.



Motte (aka. Anita Clark) builds glacial atmospheres, frozen moods and isolated impressions. As a master violinist and vocalist, Anita Clark is a favourite of the NZ music scene. Her musical gifts and skilful reach across genres makes her an indispensable collaborator with The Phoenix Foundation, Luke Buda, Marlon Williams, Don McGlashan, the Renderers, Nadia Reid, Lawrence Arabia, Delaney Davidson and plenty of others. As Motte, she dances around the shining candescence of her culture like a night insect, always seeking a better vantage point to the light.  

"Motte borrows from an array of sound sources to create an immense entity, with each piece situated precisely along the path... [A] rich sensory experience, transporting the listener into a world of Clark's imagination." - Flying Nun


Te Kupu / UMU  

Te Kupu (The Word, aka Dean Hapeta), is a seminal figure in the Aotearoa Hip Hop community. The multi-media performing artist has been producing socio-politically charged rap, poetry, spoken word, music, and film/video with UHP / Upper Hutt Posse (as principal songwriter/lead vocalist since 1985), and as a solo recording artist since 1999. His writing and documentary making has focussed at length on indigenous and marginalised people's art and activism in 22 countries.

At this show Te Kupu will deliver spoken word poetry which will be simultaneously manipulated and stretched by UMU (aka. Daniel Beban) on reel-to-reel tapes. Daniel has been abusing tape machines since working at the World Service in London through the 2000s. In his downtime on BBC night shifts he inhabited a musty sub-basement world of tape echo, experimenting with multiple reel-to-reels to create dream-like patterns of sound. The tape machine has since formed the basis of much of his electronic work, especially with Imbogodom, his duo with Alexander Tucker which has three releases on Thrill Jockey records. 


Jonny Marks 

Vocalist and electronic musician and charismatic front man of All Seeing Hand, Jonny Marks has been a key figure in the creative music scene in Aotearoa since the early 2000s. In 2007 Jonny Marks moved to Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang for two years, exploring the wilds of north-western China while studying khoomei, traditional Mongolian throat singing. Since that time his vocal work has often incorporated overtone singing, albeit in a form far removed from the Mongolian steppes. Modulating his vocal chords like a synthesizer, Jonny moves between sub-bass drones to ring modulated whistle tones with his voice alone. For this concert Jonny will fill St Peters Hall with his spell-binding tones, accompanying himself on the Tovshuur, a tradition 2-string, Mongolian lute.


Doors 7:30pm

First act 8pm

Presale tickets $25 from UTR or Paekākāriki fruit shop

Special thanks to Creative New Zealand for supporting Pyramid Club's programme



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black and white vignetted photo of Motte playing violin
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