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Saturday 12th June, 1-4pm

Mixing a Track 101

$5 (pre-sales available)

Want to be able to mix your own tracks but not sure where to start? This workshop will go through the basics of mixing a track to get you started on your journey.

We will go through the layout of the mixer, how to put plugins on, how to do sends with buses. We will do an overview of what EQ, compression and effects are. Tips to get you started and a chance to have a go during the workshop with feedback provided.

This is aimed at a beginner level, so it will be interactive with lots of time to ask questions.

We will be using Logic to show the techniques but they will be applicable across all programmes.

Bring a laptop if you have logic and learn while doing.

$5, koha, or pre-sale from eventbrite.

Women About Sound aims to encourage the development of a thriving diverse music community for women and gender diverse musicians in New Zealand

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