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Saturday 11th Feb, 8-10:30pm

LTK4 (Germany) – The Digital Freeze

$15 presale tickets
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Pyramid Club is happy to welcome Cologne based mixed media artist collective LTK4, Rochus Aust, Verena Barié and Anna-Lea Weiand, for a three day residency and collaborative performance event. The three artists will be spending several days creating a new work with local musicians, and presenting this at a live performance event on Saturday 11th Feb. 

LTK4 is a gallery curated by Rochus Aust & Verena Barié – situated in a tower of an old church in Cologne, it works with a series of ever-changing international guest curators.
“At LTK4, the sound-based analogue and digital arts are understood as open forms of professional artists of every genre with and without genre avoidance.”

Rochus Aust/Köln · trumpet/installation · rochusaust.de
Rochus Aust is an internationally acting visual trumpeter composing cities/people/climates into his wide-scale projects. As an installation and sound artist, media performer and musician, his stagings of public spaces cross genres and borders. The starting material for his utopian places are set pieces from (still) present everyday life.

Verena Barié/Köln · recorder/mixed media · verenabarie.com
Verena Barié is a media artist, composer and curator and works at the intersection of music, new media and performance art.
Her project FRACHTART exemplifies her curiosity about art formats that give supposedly archaic structures a stage for reflection in order to amaze, amuse and (most importantly) encourage artists and audiences to think along.

Anna-Lea Weiand/Gelsenkirchen · voice/mixedmedia · dielinie.online
Anna-Lea Weiand, known as a multimedia artist, working with sounds, interviews, voice and installation art, together with being active as a composer and speaker. Her work is particularly examining the perception of environments as well as their correlation with primary human emotions. Furthermore, Anna-Lea poses as a master student of artist Aernout Mik. 

Presales at Under the Radar
Live stream here.

Special thanks to Creative New Zealand for supporting Pyramid Club's programme.

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LTK4 performing on the floor of a dark stage with 1980/1990s radios, sheets of paper draped over the floor. The performers appear in work vests strapped around their torsos.
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