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Wenerei (Wednesday) 13th December 8pm

hara (Indonesia) & Zosha Warpeha (USA)

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Indonesian sing-songwriter/sonic experimentalist Rara Sekar (hara) and Brooklyn-based string player Zosha Warpeha come together for an evening of reflective and improvisatory music inspired by folk traditions.The two artists, hailing from opposite sides of the world, were introduced to each other’s artistic practice through a multi-national musical exchange called OneBeat earlier this year in the United States; their reunion in Wellington will feature solo performances as well as a duo collaboration. 

Indonesian singer-songwriter Rara Sekar’s solo project. Her music blends inspiration from folk with Indonesian traditional music, ambient and field recording with a focus on exploring themes of ecology, climate crisis, tradition and rituals and grief. Her work communicates critical environmental and social issues and is steeped in a deep research practice that honors traditions & rituals.

IG: @musikhara

Zosha Warpeha 
is a Brooklyn-based composer-performer working in a meditative space at the intersection of contemporary improvisation and folk traditions. Using bowed strings alongside her own voice, her long-form compositions explore transformations of time and tonality. She performs primarily on Hardanger d’amore, a sympathetic-stringed instrument closely related to the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, and her current work is informed by the cyclical forms, rhythmic elasticity, and the physical momentum of Nordic folk music. 

IG: @zoshazosha


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