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Gemma Thompson / Greg Malcolm

$15 Presales

Gemma Thompson

Gemma Thompson (Savages) is a guitarist and visual artist who finds a unique dialogue between poetic form and soundscape. Working with graphic scores developed from a series of soundwalk drawings, she finds a sense of freedom in being able to transpose/transform drawn marks that correlate with the landscape, through her guitar. Thompson is originally from London but is now based in Pōneke.



Greg Malcolm

Greg Malcolm simultaneously plays three guitars with hands and feet while incorporating bells, springs, gongs, rubber bands and more. But you would be wrong to see Greg's multi-limbed performances as a novelty act. His music has deep, subtle flavours, grounded in a rich melodic world, inspired by folk music as well as great jazz composers such as Steve Lacy and Eric Dolphy; it's all underpinned by Greg's very individual surrealism.


$15 presales available via Under the Radar

Special thanks to Creative New Zealand for supporting Pyramid Club's programme.

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Two images. Top: Gemma Thompson performing with an electric guitar. Bottom: B&W Image of Greg Malcolm performing with an acoustic guitar
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