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Friday 27th Nov, 7-11pm

Ethersonic, Kodama 木 + a new film dir. by Baxter Gray 'Solar'

$10 on the door

Ethersonic = Expanded Cinema + Industrial/Ambient Sonics.

Ethersonic is the solo project of sound and film artist Ben Hayman ex Loophole Cinema (UK) and Massive Stereo and This Sporting Life (NZ).

Even before the changes brought by Covid19 on travel and venues Ben wanted to find a way to take his solo sonics and projection work into live performance situations in multiple cities around the world, enlisting help from local players in each place. Ethersonic has since developed as a network of artists in cities where shows are staged. This creative collision brings film outside the frame and sounds outside of a gig to the night in a condensed Ethersonic set.

Kodama 木

NZ experimental artist, Kodama 木 creates sonic landscapes with an otherworldly essence. Kodama 木 explores deeply layered atmospheres which invite introspection and presence. Listeners will be taken on a dreamy celestial journey.


Film premiere - Solar

Directed by Baxter Gray (2020)

SOLAR is a reflection of fears and thoughts about the future. It is a film about a future that one hopes will never occur. With themes of isolation, xenophobia and a post climate change world.


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fireflies in the night forest
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A night of experimental electronic tones and zones.