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Friday 19th August, 8-10.30pm

E-Kare, This Software is Shareware, Class War on the Dance Floor

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E-Kare (founded in 2016, Te Whanganui-a-Tara) is music x art duo Jos van Beek (Fauxhound, T.A.B) and Piupiu Maya Turei (PMT). They blast hardcore happy chiptune beats, wax lyrical about impending doom, cake and eating people.



This Software is Shareware
A PS/2 keyboard controls a handheld gaming console in association with a soulless drum machine supporting some words about real time strategy games and open source computing.



Class War On The Dance Floor
Class War On The Dance Floor is a solo electronic dance music project by Marika Pratley. Marika is a well regarded musician whose genre breaking sounds can be enjoyed by all. She is a Cypriot and Greek relaxation master, bringing hot n heavy beats to bliss out to.


Presales $15 from Under the Radar
Live streamed at our Twitch channel

Many thanks to Creative NZ for supporting Pyramid Club's programm

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a highly coloured and high contrast image of the two members of E-Kare
Upcoming Events
The opening of a solo exhibition by Sam Clague, featuring a live performance blending music and video.

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Chris Palmer is visiting us! A night of improvised collaborations and solo performances.
A Nordic ensemble based in the Faroe Islands collaborate with local improvisers.