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Diemo Schwarz (DE) and Guylaine Cosseron (FR) / Microsoft Voices

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The plastic edge and the internal body. How can the voice make visible what escapes sight? Guylaine Cosseron, a fan of vocal exploration and improvised concerts all over the world, joins Diemo Schwarz of IRCAM (the French institute dedicated to the research of music and sound) in a creative duo dealing with the confusion of timbres. Through improvisation, they explore the duality and complementarity between vocal performance and digital tools. A poetic work that questions the relationship between humans and machines. The two are supported by Microsoft Voices, a DIY laptop trio that also explores the relationships of voices, text and machines.

Guylaine Cosseron - animal voice before the language of an emerging humanity, intrauterine voice responding to the echoes of sounds of the living, Guylaine's instrument is also the breath, the lips, the tongue, the palate, the saliva, the glottis, the throat, the chest, the nose. She has performed with a dizzying list of improvisers all over the world.

Diemo Schwarz, born in Germany in 1969, is a researcher at IRCAM, and a musician and creative programmer. He performs on his own digital musical instrument based on his CataRT open source software, exploring different collections of sound with the help of gestural controllers that reconquer musical expressiveness and physicality for the digital instrument.  Since 1997 at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acous-tique Musique) in Paris, he has combined his studies of computer science and computational linguistics at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, with his interest in music - being an active performer and musician on drums and laptop, either solo, or in various collaborations with other improvising musicians.

Microsoft Voices is a punk laptop trio of Nell Thomas, Daniel Beban and Jonny Marks. They use only the text-to-speech function of Apple Mac's very basic 'Text Edit' software to create multi-layered machine vocalisations, exploring the distant hinterlands of non-meaning and unvoiced speech sound.

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