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Saturday 13th August, 8-10.30pm

Chris Palmer and friends


New Zealand guitarist and vocalist Chris Palmer has been living in Canada for the past 10 years. He is back in the country for a short visit and will play a night of improvised collaborations and solo performances at Pyramid Club featuring Jonny Marks (synth), Rick Cranson (drums), Bridget Kelly (reeds), Simon O'Rorke (synths), Andy Wright (drums/keys), Tom Callwood (bass) and others.

Chris Palmer was known for his uncompromising (and sometimes disturbing) performances during the 2000s with Wellington groups including The Elephant Men, Village of the Idiots, his solo act Lucky Food Bar and others. Since emigrating to Hamilton, Canada, he has continued his exploration of the altered harmonic possibilities of the guitar alongside his journey into the world of classical singing. Chris is sure to delight us with both sides of his musical investigations at this gig.

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Many thanks to Creative NZ for supporting Pyramid Club's programme

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Chris has a large grey beard and is wearing a small pork pie hat. He is playing a nylon string guitar and is smiling with a large joyful smile.
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A Nordic ensemble based in the Faroe Islands collaborate with local improvisers.