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blurskin / Frogmeat / Frogmeet Orchestra

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blurskin - A new collaborative project from Aoife Glyndŵyr (Jamie Awakshidar, Kagyrgyn Restoration) and Zero (Nothing Sounds, SkinShaped, Proplex), blurskin creates crushing ambient shoegaze dreamscapes. Oscillating between lush, warm washes of sound to piercing harsh noise, the duo has a focus on crafting detailed, ever-evolving walls of sound.

Frogmeet Orchestra is an ad-hoc experimental classical music group, formed for tonight with the line-up of Elliot Vaughan (viola), Maia O'Connell (French horn), Joseph Craggs (clarinet), Lucy Pollock (harmonium), Baxter Gray (electric bass), and Cassie Freeth (sculpture-costumes / performance art). 

Their program features the following pieces by local composers:

Luka Reardon: spore print for ensemble

Mallory Elmo: Sand chimes for solo viola

Estella Wallace: I am most definitely (not) calm for solo clarinet

Lucy Pollock: saturn square saturn for horn and harmonium

Micah Thompson: by-and-by for solo clarinet

Jess Robinson: Viola Study I for solo viola

Mallory Elmo and Cassie Freeth: Puppy Drone Vision for horn, electric bass, viola, and costumed performers


Frogmeat - Flexible noise group venturing forecasted but uncapturable crevices. Convened by multimedia artist / musician Sophia Frudd and composer / violinist Mallory Elmo, it lends its name and spirit to their performances as a duo or with occasional and regular collaborators. Tonight, in its largest formation yet, it will comprise members of the Frogmeet Orchestra along with its aforementioned parents.



$12 Presale tickets available via UTR

Special thanks to Creative New Zealand for supporting Pyramid Club's progamme


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