The Doll

Artist Photo
The Doll is blurred in the throes of performance. There are four tiny amps in front of The Doll's blurred body
Artist Bio Text

The Doll (she/her/doll) is a Pātea-based artist who has been making no-fi sounds since 2004. She likes to augment her vocals with contact mics, balloons, magnetic tape, percussion junk, garbage from the side of the road, horns, household appliances, a T-Pain mic, and field recordings.

The Doll loves improvisational collaboration, especially the projects tujuh kuda with Dea Karina (Indonesia/Berlin), Toxic Octopus with Toxic Chicken (Nederland), and this brand new piece with Elvis Booth-Claveria for Pyramid Club. She also enjoys online collaborations which you can find on dadashopping along with some solo stuff.

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