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Rāapa – (Wed) 25th Oct 2023, 8pm

S.Glass / People Skills / P Wits

$20 Presales

Pyramid Club is excited to welcome two of USA’s most uncompromising underground experimental sonic artists, S.Glass and People Skills.

S.Glass’s sound collages combine tape music, processing, voice, found sound, electroacoustics, and chance operations. Each show features a different mix of  audio elements including voice and found objects (dental floss, aluminum foil, wind-up toys,  lunch box, cabbage), accompanied by self-shot video (wobbling textures, out-of-sync layers). The overall effect is one of surreal disorientation.  

S.Glass was the main driver behind Bananafish (late 80s until 2004), the vitally important print publication documenting the international experimental music underground. He is a co-founder groups including of Glands of External Secretion and Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble. His art-damaged West Coast psychedelic noise has been released on numerous labels including Siltbreeze (US),  Chocolate Monk (UK), Siltbreeze (Philadelphia), Spleencoffin (Baltimore), Blue Spectrum (UK), l’Esprit de l’Escalier (US), Krim Kram (Ireland), Beartown (UK) Ikuisuus (Finland), Tanzprocesz (France) among many more.

People Skills is the solo project of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, artist Jesse S. Dewlow. In the mid 2000s he began to document his experiments in improvised song and sound collage using only found, free materials. The recordings usually take the form of simple songs, most often employing slow pop formulas to caricature listenable music. His practice however is informed by deconstructive post-structural and Fluxus theory and conceptually pulls at the space between automation, art and amateurism.

Blending budget collage and negligent songcraft, Dewlow’s work is defined by inconspicuous dis-ease more than by genre. People Skills is his sonic altar to the awkward, isolated reflections of the human experience. People Skills work has been released by Siltbreeze, Blackest Ever Black, I Dischi Del Barone, Alien Passengers, Digital Regress and Kashual Plastik among others.

P Wits is a Tamaki based sound artist. Through collaborations with artists such as Maxine Funke and Kleistwahr, Wits is open to the inherent possibilities of guitar based sound and pushing the limits of structure.






$20 Presale tickets available via UTR

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Special thanks to Creative NZ for supporting Pyramid Club's programming.

Feature Image
a blury digital camera photo from above an s glass set. S glass has objects arranged across the table including blury electronics. a purple light washes out the left side of the photo. S Glass looks out of breath in an intense moment of performance.
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