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Rāhoroi - (Sat) 18th Nov 2023, 8-10:30pm

Riki Pirihi’s Rangatuone Ensemble

$15 Presales

Riki Pirihi’s Rangatuone Ensemble

Riki Pirihi and the Rangatuone Ensemble present a Conduction performance that will mark the release of ’Rangatuone: Weaving Gestures’ - a book of Conduction techniques through a Māori lens. 

Conduction is the art of the collective imagination, where musicians follow a series of hand gestures and signs that symbolise musical notation under the (often improvised) direction of a conductor. 

Riki Pirihi has spent four years researching and developing a vocabulary of Conduction signs and gestures. These build upon the lexicon of Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris’ innovative method of Conduction, while growing through Riki’s personal vision and a Te Ao Māori world view into a local language. Performances with Te Ātea Nui ngā taonga pūoro orchestra, Vitamin S, and the Ngā Tuone Ensemble throughout these four years have enabled the development of this vocabulary.

The Rangatuone Ensemble: 

Erika Grant - Cello, Waterharp
Alistair Fraser - Taonga Pūoro
Te Kahureremoa Taumata - Taonga Pūoro
Jacqui Nyman - Double Bass
Kiva Parsons-Pirihi - Taonga Pūoro
Daniel Beban - reel to reel tape
David Long - Cello, Guitar
Ben Leonard - Taonga Pūoro

Ricky Prebble - Taonga Pūoro
Riki Pirihi - Conductor. 

Duration: 70 Mins 

Livestreamed here

Presale tickets available through UTR

Special thanks to Creative NZ for supporting Pyramid Club's programme

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