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The Perms - Permananent Waves

The Perms are...

Anita Clark (violin)
Daniel Beban (guitar)
Taipua Adams (bass)
Justin Barr (drums)

For those who love the crystalline violin playing of Anita Clark (Motte, Phoenix Foundation, Don McGlashan et al), this is an opportunity to hear her in full, unimpeded melodic bliss. Fuzzed out through an old NZ-made Fountain amp, Anita’s blistering violin glides like an albatross, seemingly able to soar above the churning ocean of sound forever. The chiming guitar playing of Daniel Beban (Orchestra of Spheres, Farewell Spit, Devils Gate Outfit) pushes and pulls the music like a depth sounder probing new realms, while bassist Taipua Adams (Terror of the Deep, Sheitgeist) and drummer Justin Barr (The Raskonikovs, Golden Awesome, Eb & Sparrow) are like the slow moving, churning swell of the southern seas.

The Perms first got together in May 2019. From the very first moments of plugging in and setting sail with their first notes amongst buzzing amps, it was clear to all involved that they shared a strange connection. In fact, so immediate was the connection of the musicians that those very first notes form part of this album No preparation, no overdubs, no studio trickery, this is pure collective music making at its ecstatic, improvised best. The soaring violin tones, bell-like guitar notes, and undulating drums and bass grooves ebb and flow like the ocean, at times calm, at others as ferocious as a full-on southerly gale.

The cover is an original, hand-made artwork by Daniel Beban, of found object relief printing.

Released June 22, 2024

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