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Thursday 1st Oct, 7-9pm

P-LAB: Lucy Marinkovich and Lucien Jonson

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Director/Choreographer Lucy Marinkovich and composer/writer Lucien Johnson talk about the inspiration behind and making of their epic dance-theatre show Strasbourg 1518, which premiered at this year's NZ Festival.
Referencing plague, protest and social upheaval, the cast featured an outstanding group of dance and performing arts practitioners, before it was cut short by the real life pandemic.

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P-Lab is a series of artist-run talks and workshops at Pyramid Club.

Many thanks to Creative NZ and Wellington City Council for supporting Pyramid Club's programme

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Lucy and Lucien backstage
Upcoming Events
To open their residency Noa Records will be hosting a wānanga/talanoa
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Staying creative, collaborative and congenial in the arts over many decades.
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The trio perform original renditions of renaissance motets by Orlando di Lasso (1530/32-1594) and medieval chant by Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
Campbell would like to invite anybody who wants to participate to join him in performing a large ensemble 'drone' piece. Or come and listen.
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