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Thursday 17th Sept, 7-9pm

P-Lab: David Harris - ethnographic film maker

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David Harris is a New Zealand filmmaker who was based in China for 15 years, producing works that toured and screened internationally.

His films include the Sublime Frequencies release, 'Small Path Music', shot on location in remote northern Laos and Yunnan province of Southwest China. The documentary follows French folk music recordist Laurent Jeanneau on his relentless quest to capture audio recordings of vanishing indigenous music from ethnic groups of this vast region, and invites us into the world of the artists he explores.

David will present excerpts from this and a number of his documentary films, field recordings and other works collected and produced while he was living in China. Featuring music from the mountains of Yunnan, an underground rock band touring the public kingdom, an experimental floating concert in which nobody capsized, a cinematic concert piece with a modern take on a traditional Peking opera saga, and other works.

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