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Thursday 6th May, 12-1pm

Offsite Project #10: Sonic Explorers in the Captain’s Cabin - Ruby Solly and Alistair Faser

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We’re inviting some of Wellington’s foremost musical explorers to take the helm at Wellington Museum this May Music Month! Discover different experimental artists every Thursday in May, 12-1pm.

Peek into the Captain’s Cabin to see the sonic explorers at work, an intimate performance experience in a tiny space, one audience member at a time! Or experience the uncharted sound waves as their music flows through the museum's exhibits.

Thursday 6th May is an exploration of taonga pūoro with Ruby Solly and Alistair Fraser.


The other Thursdays:

13 May – Neil Feather & Rosie Langabeer
Invented instruments and accordion

20 May – Erika Grant & Nell Thomas
Sound bathing with crystal singing bowls and assorted instruments

27 May – Daniel Beban & Isaac Smith
Guitar and mini electronics

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The Captain's Cabin
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