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Thursday 11th August, 6-7.30pm

Exhibition Opening: 'Sam Clague Presents Sing Alongs Volume 1'


The opening of a solo exhibition by Sam Clague, featuring a live performance blending music and video.

Of the exhibition, Sam writes:

*What’s your name?*
*My name? Oh, let me tell you my name...*
*I’m Confused*
*Because uh, ya know...*
*Like we’re supposed to believe in the ministry, right?*
*So is the Church and State supposed to be seperate?*
*I’m Confused coz I never went to school... right?*
*Does a Confused person get a Resolution?*

*Come Sing Along with Sam and his merry band of ragtag misfits at Pyramid Club... There's something for everyone and nothing for nobody!*

*Sing Alongs Volume One is a presentation of two catchy original tunes with accompanying videos and a few special extras 😉 Buyer Beware!*

Sam Clague is an Aotearoa New Zealand born and based artist. His practice spans the mediums of painting, sculpture, installation, video, and sound; conjuring varied and seemingly unconnected cultural, historical, and artistic references into a scatterbrained yet compulsively poetic matrix of signs and symbols.

In an essay for Art+Australia Online, Abbra Kotlarczyk writes:

"Clague’s works are elisions in the true sense of the word: as aporia, an irresolvable internal contradiction that gets to the heart of what it means to both reject and join forces with our turbid desires. Perhaps it’s something like the poet Anne Waldman describes when she takes on the dark spirit of Richard Nixon during a fire puja ceremony: in order to generate more compassion for the world we have to let in the negative energies as well as the positive."

Exhibition runs until Sept 3rd. Open at all gigs, Tuesdays 10-4pm and by appointment.

Special thanks to Creative NZ for their support of Pyramid Club's programme

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a deliberately bad cd cover design with the text Sam Clague Presents Sing Alongs Volume 1. There is a image of a moustached singer from the 90s video era looking very uncool but friendly
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