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Thursday 5th May, 6-7.30pm

Exhibition Opening: Beth Hilton - False Horizons

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Pyramid Club is happy to present 'False Horizons', new works from Ōtepoti artist Beth Hilton.

Hilton examines the notion of a horizon and questions its function both as an axis between two mediums and as a separate body assuming its own identity. Is a horizon simply a demarcation between two mediums or can it embody its own objective role? Can a horizon be independent from its parts and exist outside its position as a threshold or is it simply an ​asymptote that cannot be distinguished.

Hilton explores these concepts through visual studies using traditional darkroom methods. Her cameraless process uses the simplicity of light and shadow to manifest thresholds both explicit and obscure. While some horizons are decided in their boundaries, others cannot be defined and the horizon is no longer a singular frontier.

Beth Hilton is an Ōtepoti based artist whose work stems from an exploration of form and texture through varied manipulations of light. Producing both live projection works and static prints, her early engagement with architectural study continues to shape her sensitivities to composition and towards her treatment of light and shadow. Working primarily with analogue methods, her work embraces the notions of impermanence and atrophy.

Beth has been collaborating with sonic artists for the past ten years and been involved with various festivals and performances.

'False Horizons' 5th May - 9th June 2022.

Exhibition open at all events and by appointment by emailing admin@pyramidclub.org.nz

Many thanks to Creative NZ for supporting Pyramid Club's programme.

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A grey and blurred image. It is difficult to tell if it is a vast landscape, or a small surface magnified
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