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Saturday 6th March, 8-10:30pm

Class War On The Dance Floor

$10 on the door

With Auckland in lock-down Samara will not be able to come join us.

But we still have the stupendous local producer Marika Pratley (Class War On The Dance Floor, Symphony of Sloths). Marika is a Cypriot and Greek composer and performance artist; aesthetically free improv/ambient/vaporwave/chiptunes/hip-hop/grunge/noise/industrial/classical/jazz/psychedelic/synthwave/Greek middle eastern/Rembetika/drone, and conceptually intersectional feminism/body positivity/class warfare/self determination/radical relaxation/sloths. Having composed almost 300 tracks on the Deluge and scarce recordings, this will be a rare opportunity to hear a selection of pieces not released or performed live before. 

The opening act will be Isaac Smith's solo synth project Nother.


NB there will be very limited seating please message via the facebook page using messenger if you want to reserve a spot.


Check out Earth Punk on Bandcamp

Check out Class War On The Dance Floor on Bandcamp

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Marika Pratley
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